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A whole new world of Safety and Control

Easy Setup

TeCar® Smart Vehicle Health Monitor/ device is designed to be easily installed - just plug it into your car's OBD port and you're ready to go.


Monitor your Car's Health and Safety from anywhere just using our SmartPhone Apps (iOS and Android) or within the Car using HeadUnit app.

Social Connect

Connect to our socially active community of enthusiastic people and expert professional to help you out in difficult situations.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team works round the clock and round the year to serve you better and bring the technology you deserve to your fingertips.


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Know your car health


Live tracking and monitoring analytics.


TeCar® records all your trips and gives you date wise, trip-wise fuel and distance analysis.


Log the distance traveled, average speed, highest RPM, Fuel consumption and trip duration on your phone.


Navigation makes it safer to travel on unchartered roadways.


TeCar® helps you to Track your car and loved ones.


Know your fuel consumption trip and data wise.


Monitor driving style and make a safe, fuel efficient driving.


Record, get alerts for maintenance and expenses incurred.


Maintain detailed logs that cover daily mileage and fuel consumption.

User Settings

Multilingual, Multiple currencies and Multiple Metric systems.


A lot of features in stock.

How TeCar® Works

Easy to Use with Lots of Benefits

Plugin TeCar®OBD-II

Plugin TeCar® OBDII Into Car OBD Port
Takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it! No professionals needed.

Download TeCar® App

Download our App for your smartphone from Playstore or App Store
and start ready recording you car data.

Register and Connect with Us

Easy registration and verification process
Get connected/talk to your car!


This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.


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Prevent Leakages and Blowouts!

tecar tpms

Realtime Alerts

TeCar® TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System enhances your driving safety with the state-of-the-art technology. Alerts you in real-time even if detects slow leakage of Tire to prevent punctures, Flat tire.

Reads Electrical and Mechanical codes

TeCar® TPMS will automatically provide you all information about your car tyre’s in real time on all smart devices. You will soon be driving smoother, safer, and even saving up on fuel.

Feature Rich and Easy to Use

Low/High Pressure Alerts. Tire temperature Alerts. Slow Leak Detection. Real Time Data. Improve Driving Safety. Increased vehicle value. Anti-theft Locking System.
and Much more..

TeCar® DVR

Track your car from anywhere in the world!


Camera to Record

TeCar® DVR comes with a built-in camera to record what is happening in front of the car. It records the whole journey in High Definition which can be viewed later.

Connect with Cloud

TeCar® offers Cloud Storage Services, store all of your vehicle data. TeCar® Platform connects your Live Streaming to Smart devices and cloud,so you can not only view everything live but also check all information on cloud later whenever and where ever you want!

Monitor your Assets

Watch daily route and stops. Monitor driving habits. Reduce stress and strain on your vehicles and improve driver accountability with TeCar® Platform. This is the most comprehensive platform available and will make your vehicle more effective and safe.

TeCar® Live Streaming

Monitor your drivers/loved-ones from anywhere

TeCar Live Stream

Watch Live from Everywhere

TeCar® allows you to live stream the video from inside the car so you can watch and keep an eye on your loved-ones even when you are at a remote location.

Records Evidence

With TeCar®, you no longer have to worry about convincing law-enforcement agencies in case of an accident as our product records the first-hand evidence.

Supports both 4G & WiFi

TeCar® offers live streaming in High Definition (A/V) and supports both 4G (cellular) and Wi-Fi networks.

TeCar® OBD

Stay updated with your vehicle's health


Scans Car

TeCar® OBD helps you by scanning your car through an OBD port (inside the car) and makes your journey safe.

Be Informed, Be Safe

TeCar® OBD scans electrical and mechanical code allowed by your vehicle and provides you with information about your car which you can view on the mobile.

Alerts in case of Issue/s

The product automatically sends you alerts to inform you about the issues found in the car which needed to be resolved.

TeCar® Cloud

Take your data with you - anywhere, everywhere!

TeCar Cloud

Your data Your Space

TeCar® saves all your vehicle data on secure and scalable cloud so that you can have it whenever, wherever you need it. Besides TeCar® app data, you can upload your personal stuff and have it with you all the time and everywhere.

Sync your devices

Never lose your precious data with change in device. Just login to TeCar® Cloud and sync your devices.Your data follows you on every device every time.

Share it with ease

Share your files quickly and easily from the TeCar® Cloud platform and save time, space and bandwidth.


Download detailed documentation of TeCar app for your favourite Operating System

Fault Codes

If you are receiving an error, kindly review the fault codes list to know what it actually means.


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